I'm starting a new section call "Falls with Friends".  My idea is to visit as many waterfalls as I can with friends (similar to Seinfeld's "Comedians in Cars").  I may even throw in a few trips to lakes or rivers depending on the walk.  The goal will be to provide you with information on the waterfalls and a few stories about the fun stories about the trip.  While most of these will be in the Washington & British Columbia area I want to add some farther destinations as well. 
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Wallace Falls
(The story of this trek will be added shortly!)
Tumwater Falls
Visited the Tumwater Falls in Olympia.  This was the sight of the original Olympia Brewery.  After weeks of cloudy weather the skies cooperated.  After this walk you can really see why "It's the water"
Falls of Kelowna
I continued my waterfalls quest by visiting 3 beautiful sites around Kelowna.  With the help of a friend, we were able to visit Hardy Falls, Mill Creek Falls, and Canyon Falls.  All of these are a short drive from Kelowna.
Hardy Falls
Mill Creek Falls
Canyon Falls
The hike was on a wonderfully maintained trail.  It was interesting that the road had so many switchbacks so the trail crossed the road three or four times.  We visited in mid September so the area was dry but I could see how, in the spring, the small streams would make this a fun walk.  There are many bridges (be careful though some of the boards were very wobbly) and I intend to re-visit in the spring for more pictures of the streams.  The final stretch down to the falls themselves were a little challenging since I was carrying my tripod and camera.  This portion is on stones that appear to have bee carved out the rock wall so, again, be careful on the wet ones!
Once down these steps you are treated to a great view of the falls, and Interstate 90 as well.  For all the times I've driven down this stretch of road I NEVER knew there was a waterfall just over the edge.  You will be able to walk right up to the falls, which are part of the South Fork of the Snoqualmie River.  There was also a small rocky area across the river from where I stood but didn't attempt to make it over but it did look easy enough to get to.  In addition to great access to the falls themselves you can turn around and see a long way down the river.  The river itself was mostly only calf deep.  In fact some of my pictures were taken with the tripod in the river!
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