Our next stop was to Mill Creek Falls. We drove from Peachland through Kelowna to the trailhead. This too was in a residential area. If the parking spots are full there is a small vacant lot across the street. This was a longer walk and again you will be walking next to a stream in a forest setting. The trail is well maintained and easy to follow. Once you get to the falls the path becomes more “fun” as you will be scrambling up slopes, over rocks, and under tree branches.
The falls themselves are spectacular. These aren’t tall falls like the others but are an incredible view none the less. From the first set of falls there is a path to the left that will lead you to a view point from the top. It is also a great place to get your photo taken with the falls.
From here you can follow the path further to the upper falls. You will be treated to more falls and a fun walk. Eventually you will leave the park boundaries. We chose to continue on for a bit but decided to head back so we’d have time to visit the final destination. 
The start of this trail can be found at: 6200 Spencer Rd, Kelowna, BC
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